Spicy Garlic King Prawns

Spicy Garlic King Prawns

Spicy Garlic King Prawns

Clive Lacelle - UK

1/ Black Ass Spicy Garlic rub, 
2/ 250g Raw King Prawns, 
3/ Assorted Salad Leaves
4/ 1 x Ripe Avocado 
5/ 1 x Medium Sweet Potato 
6/ Pomegranate Seeds

1/ Chop the sweet potato into small cubes and parboil for 5 mins 
2/ Preheat the oven to 180c/350f 
3/ Drain the cubes and leave to cool for around 10 mins
4/ After cooling place them into a bowl and add some olive oil then toss gently, ensuring they are coated
5/ Place them into a baking tray (make sure they are spread out) and cook for 30/35 mins. 
6/ arrange the salad leaves in a bowl with slices of avocado. 
7/ Place the prawns in a bowl, add a generous sprinkling of Black Ass Spicy Garlic Rub and gently toss, making sure they’re all covered. 
8/ Fry the prawns gently in a 50/50 blend of butter and olive oil for around 4-5 mins
9/ Add the warm sweet potato to the salad and sprinkle on the pomegranate seeds. 
10/ Add the prawns and drizzle the butter/olive oil mixture over the salad


Kitchen to table - 45 mins