jerk History

According to the history books, it all started way back in the
1600’s when enslaved Africans working under Spanish rule on the sugar plantations revolted and escaped to the hills and countryside of Jamaica. These
escaped African slaves set up “free” communities and became known as the Maroons. Whilst
living in their free communities the Maroons encountered the indigenous people of Jamaica called the Taino. The Taino passed on their knowledge and methods of drying, preserving and cooking meats such as wild hogs on to the Maroons. As well as drying the meat this process also involved piercing holes in it to allow the seasoning to penetrate.


The word “Jerk” is said to derive from the Spanish word “Charqui” which when pronounced in English sounds like “Jerky”, this was later shortened to “Jerk”.

Eventually it was the seasoning rather than the method that became
known as Jerk.  The seasoning is primarily made from combining the heat of the Scotch Bonnet pepper (which has a distinct sweet flavour) with herbs and aromatic spices, such as Pimento and Cinnamon. This combination of peppers, herbs and spices come together to give the most unique amazing taste!

Today Jerk is enjoyed by people everywhere. However here at Black Ass Jerk Co it has come to our attention that there are people who still haven’t had the pleasure of the Jerk taste experience. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to get everyone

“Jerkin’ All Over The World”!